An OTA membership comes with a

Truckload of Benefits


Why join the Ohio Trucking Association?

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Doug Sibila // Peoples Services

"We're definitely stronger than any one of us on our own. Big carriers, small carriers — we all are part of the industry."

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Kiera Sullivan // Continental Express

"They're an excellent resource for us whenever we have an industry related question, problem, or concern."

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John Alden // Alden Law

"The OTA is the only entity in Ohio that has one goal in mind, and that is to help motor carriers, owners, leadership, and employees."

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Educational Resources


The laws and regulations around trucking change frequently, and the OTA helps its members stay up to date on the latest information. With your membership you'll receive:

  • Continuing education through seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • Weekly industry updates that keep you in the know.

  • Access to the OTA's safety and maintenance councils.

  • Additional management team who is ready to help with questions or problems.

  • Our exclusive annual Buyers Guide filled with contacts and references you'll actually use.

  • An invitation to the annual OTA Conference.

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Business Support

Save time and money

No matter how big your fleet, a membership with the OTA gives you strength in numbers. You'll get:

  • Access to trusted services and products at a discounted rate, thanks to careful negotiations with our partner providers.

  • Workers compensation premium savings groups for eligible members which could save your business thousands.

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State and Federal Representation

Have a Voice

A big part of the OTA's mission is to represent you and your business' interest at the Capitol. We provide:

  • Six experienced lobbyists who work hard at state and federal levels to ensure a bright future for your business.
  • Legislative and regulatory guidance at the Statehouse to promote strong economic growth for trucking in Ohio.
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